Family Seal

The family Seal of Juntunen family

The Heraldic Society of Finland has registered our Family seal and so it is in the use of the members of Juntunen Family society. The board of the society will search, how we'll use the Seal. All ideas are appreciated.

Our Seal tells the characteristics of the family over centuries: hunting and the path ("juntu").

The theme of the Seal is described using "the language of heraldics" in the certificate of honor of the Heraldic Society of Finland #1070 as follows:

In gold and blue with broken shield a pole with turn and turn colors. In the upper field two firs growing on the heel and in the lower field two firs growing from the base with turn and turn colors. The top twine gold and blue. The cover of the helmet blue and the lining gold. As the ornament of the helmet two blue branches of fir and between them golden layed bow with blue arrow.