Juntunen family society in english

The rules of the Society

Accepted in the foundation of the society on 24.07.1994

Name and homeplace

The name of the society is Juntusten sukuseura ry, from Suomussalmi municipality and the territory of the Society is the whole of Finland.

Purpose and activities

The purpose of the Society is to make research of the history and cherish the traditions of the family and develop the feeling of the community spirit. In this purpose the society will
1. organize common meetings, family days and trips.
2. collect and file the knowledge concerning the family and inform the members with that knowledge.
3. make publications in order to support the meaning of the Society and maintain a catalog of membership.
To support its activities the Society can take in bequeathed or donated property, make foundations and, with permission, organize collections and lotteries. The Society can also own such realties as are needed in its activities.

The members

A proper member of the family society can be every 18-year old person who has paternal maternal or marriage connections to the family. The members are accepted by the board of the society.

A member can leave the society by informing the board or chairman of the society by a written document or telling about the leaving in the meeting of the society.

The membership fee of a proper member is decided in the annual meeting of the society. The board can give free membership in case of high age, illness or weak economy.An everlasting member of the society is a person who pays ten times the annual membership fee at one time. The children below 18 years of a member can be youth members of the society. These youth members are free from the membership fee and they cannot vote in the meetings of the society. From the proposal of the board, a person with great merits in the actions of the society can get the status of an honorary member in the annual meeting of the society. An honorary member has free membership.

The membership file is maintained by the board of the society.

The board

The affairs of the society are maintained by the board of the society. The board is elected in the proper annual meeting. The board consists of a chairman, vice-chairman and at least three (3) and at most five (5) members. The board can elect its secretary, treasurer and other officials from among the members of the board or from outside the board.

The board meets by the request of the chairman or if the chairman is prevented by the request of the vice-chairman, when needed or when at least two members of the board have required the meeting.

The board is competent if at least half of the members and the chairman or vice-chairman are present. The choices are made by single majority and in case of fifty-fifty the vote of the chairman is decisive, but in elections the lot. The minutes of the meetings of the board are always made.

Meetings of the society

The annual meeting of the society is implemented every three years between April and September. An extra meeting is implemented if the meeting of the society makes a demand or the board holds that there is a reason for a meeting or ten percent of the suffraged members of the society make a written demand. In the meeting of the society every member has one vote and the decision is the opinion that gets over fifty percent of the given votes. In case of fifty-fifty the solution is made by lot.